Information about Nanjing

        Nanjing city has 40 plus universities and colleges, 6 millions inhabitants. In addition to being the capital city of Jiangsu Province in China, Nanjing is also renowned worldwide for being the capitals of six dynasties in ancient China and the former capital of Republic of China. It has a special place in ancient Chinese culture. Situated on the Yangtze River delta, it has unique seasonal depictions, beautifying with each season differently. Its beauty lies not only in the cultural and tourist attractions by also ultra modernized industrial zones which will make your journey a life-time event. With its majestic landscapes and epic history and cultures, Nanjing has become a hotspot for tourists who always fall in love with the city.
        Nanjing International Airport has more than 126 air lines leading to major cities in the world, such as Frankfurt, Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, Incheon, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Osaka. There are also high-speed railway lines to major cities of China, such as Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan and Guangzhou. The city can be reached with an hour express train from Shanghai.

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