Program Committee is to decide the plenary, semi-plenary and keynote speakers, organize the minisymposia on selected topics and arrange the presentation program.
Chair: Dumitru Baleanu
Co-Chairs: Riccardo Caponetto, Igor Podlubny, Mark M. Meerschaert
Program Committee members

Organization Committee is to organize and monitor the whole process of the symposium and, in particular, address the logistical issues such as venues, accommodation, transport, registration, food, and in cooperation with the program committee, to edit the proceeding and the journal special issues focusing on specified or selected topics.
Chair: Wen Chen
Co-Chairs: Nobuyuki Shimizu, Jocelyn Sabatier, Jalil Sadati
Organization Committee members

Steering Committee is to guide the direction of this series of FDA conferences retaining its continuity and success, and design the schemes to grow our community of multi-disciplinary and world-wide participation, and most importantly, make strategic decisions on the evolution path of our ever-increasing society.
Chair: Francesco Mainardi
Co-Chairs: Virginia Kiryakova, Richard L. Magin, Changpin Li
Steering Committee members

Honors and Awards Committee is to establish the awards for outstanding research achievements of different categories related to fractional differentiation and its applications, and evaluates the award winners from all FDA12 participants, and bestow an honor, e.g., special session, for life-long achievements on some distinguished researchers, and monitor the FDA challenges and benchmark contests.
Chair: YangQuan Chen
Co-Chairs: J.A. Tenreiro Machado, Dragan T. Spasic, Blas M. Vinagre
Honors and Awards Committee members