Wen Chen's WWW for Fractional Calculus


Stefan Samko (mathematics)
Virginia Kiryakova (speical functions)
Preprints of fractional calculus with applications to finance modeling in Univ of Oslo, Norway

Levy stable process, fractional Brownian motion, 1/f power spectra, Hurst exponent, & fractal

Fractal research group in Oslo (physics)
Francesco Mainardi(anomalous diffusion and statistics)
Rudolf GORENFLO(anomalous diffusion and statistics)
Manuel Duarte Ortigueira (signal processing)
Enrico SCALAS(fractional calculus modeling and statistics)
George Zaslavsky (fractional kinetic equation)
Svante Westerlund in Causal Consulting (Book "Dead Matter has Memory")
Haldun M. Ozaktas (Book "The Fractional Fourier Transform")
Mathematical Models of Love & Happiness by Prof. Clint Sprott

Numerical computing

Kai Diethelm (finite difference in time)
Lothar Gaul (boundary elements in space)
Igor Podlubny (finite memory in time)
Martin Verweij (Green function method)
Chester-Manchester group on numerical modelling of problems with memory and after-effect (finite difference in time)

Diffusion, thermoviscous & damping modeling

Martin Ochmann (acoustics)
Thomas Szabo (acoustics)
Wen Chen (acoustics & statistics)
Alan D. Freed (Viscoplastic modeling)
Andrzej Hanyga (mathematics & seismic modeling)
J. Tenreiro Machado (Vibration modeling)
R. Hilfer (Porous media)
Prof. Sugimoto (Nonlinear fluids)
L. Mahadevan (materials)
Complex Systems Dynamics Group in the Oaks Ridge National Laboratory (diffusions)

Control Engineering

YangQuan Chen (fractional calculus control)
Igor Podlubny (fractional PI controller)
Rachid MALTI (system identification)

Journals & conferences

International Journal of Fractional Calculus & Applied Analysis
Fractional Differentiation and its Applications 2004 Bordeaux, France, July 19-20, 2004

WWW Centers

Fractional modeling calculus (Online hub of fractional calculus)

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